The Cedars

UPDATE: I am deeply saddened to report that on the evening of July 7 2018, the Cedars burned to the ground. It is a sad day for the heritage of London and, obviously, our family -- like losing an old friend. CTV news report here:

I grew up in a great house across from Springbank Park in London between 1965 and 1978. My parents had to sell the property when they divorced, but there is no question that we were extremely fortunate to grow up there.

Here is a video that was taken of the property in 2013. WARNING: It is pretty awful. Brought tears to my eyes. But it is what it is.

As I get time, I'll try to post some photos of the house every now and then.

The Cedars, approximately 1925

The Cedars, approximately 1930

The Cedars, 1973

The Cedars, approximately 1900. Note that the back of the building has not yet been built, and the maple trees in front are just saplings.

The Cedars, 1902. This photo is from a Springbank Park Souvenir booklet at the Central Public Library - The Ivey Family London Room. High Resolution Version (4 MB)

Donna Lamb and Coquette at The Cedars, 1971

Springbank Park Postcard, circa 1910. Note the Byron Bridge to the left which was built in 1904.

Painter painting The Cedars, London Free Press, Front page of London and Region Section, October 20, 1987.

Postcard of Springbank Park Reservoir with Cedars in Background - 1918

Photo from full-page article on The Cedars in The London Free Press, October 19, 1965

View from the south. Best guess is around 1965, judging from the curved corners on the photograph.

My best guess is that this photo was taken around 1945, judging from the size of the maple trees.

This photo (late 1930's or early 1940's) was provided by Kim Gooding. Her great grandfather, John Gaffney, is in the foreground.

My best guess is that this photo was taken around 1910 judging from the size of the maple trees in front of the house, although if we check between 1890 and 1910 for a winter that was cold enough to freeze the Thames, we'll likely narrow down the year more closely.

The Cedars - Christmas 1942

Watercolour painting of the Cedars, 1930. Currently at the cottage of Suzanne and Mark Sabine on Manitoulin Island

Interior shot from London Free Press article on October 19, 1965

Interior shot from London Free Press article on October 19, 1965

London Free Press Article, April 22, 2014

London Free Press Article, May 12, 2014

CTV News Report - October 17, 2014

Drone aerial footage from 2016.

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