Mocha - 2016 16.1 hh Off-the-Track-Thoroughbred (OTTB) Mare - Hunter, Jumper and Lower Level Eventing Prospect For Sale

Mocha is a super-sensible, super-sweet off-the-track-Thoroughbred mare and is an excellent hunter, jumper, dressage or lower-level (up to Pre-Training/EV90) Eventing prospect.

$17,000 CDN / $12,600 U.S.

Mocha would be great for a beginner or intermediate rider wanting a long-term partner to be very competitive in local and regional competitions, while having a super-safe horse for non-riders to hack around on. Play the video below to see her move.

Trial available at her current home, or paid short term off-site trial can be discussed.

X-rays can be arranged at the buyer's expense.
Shipping can easily be arranged into the U.S.

Foaled: May 5, 2016
Size: 16.1 hands
Breed: Off-the-Track Thoroughbred (Registered name: Muskoka Lady). (Not that it matters, but Mocha's great-great-great-grandfather was celebrated Canadian thoroughbred Northern Dancer. And her blood lines include Man O' War, if you go back far enough!)
Current location: London Ontario Canada
Veterinarian: Dr. Tara Foy, Western Ontario Equine Service
Contact: Call or text Bruce Lamb at 416-823-6095 or email BruceLamb62{AT}gmail{DOT}com

We bought Mocha off the track in November of 2022.

Since Mocha stopped racing, she has achieved a lot in preparation for her next career! Here are some of the highlights:
  • She has been started with some introductory dressage.
  • Mocha has been jumping up to 0.9 m. (3'-0") and can definitely go higher.
  • Lots of hacks, including hacking at night through the woods, walking over wooden bridges, walking and trotting through streams, walking and trotting along the side of a paved road with traffic going by in both directions.
  • Show jumping, including jumps over walls, oxers, a Liverpool, 1- and 2-stride combinations.
  • Jumping over a 2'- and 3'-wide ditch.
Mocha is super "in-your-pocket" sweet, and is possibly the most sensible horse we've ever owned. Not too much gets her flustered. Super-safe for novice riders. Incredibly smooth trot and canter. Doesn't bite (people), no buck, no kick. Every time we work her on something new, she picks it up in a flash.

She stands for the farrier, and loads and unloads from the horse trailer easily.

She loves scotch mints and/or an apple and/or carrots after a ride.

Call 416.823.6095 or email BruceLamb62{AT} have any questions or if you'd like to arrange a test drive!

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