Skynyrd - 2016 16.2 hh Off-the-Track-Thoroughbred (OTTB) Gelding - Jumper and Upper Level Eventing Prospect

Skynyrd is a solid, strong, fast, off-the-track-Thoroughbred gelding and is an excellent jumper or upper-level (Prelim+) Eventing prospect.

Skynyrd would be great for an experienced rider wanting a long-term partner to move up the heights of jumper or Eventing levels. Play the video below to see him move.


Trial available at neighbouring arena or paid short term off-site trial can be discussed.

X-rays can be arranged at the buyer's expense.
Shipping can easily be arranged into the U.S.

Foaled: April 21, 2016
Size: 16.2 hands
Breed: Off-the-Track Thoroughbred. (Not that it matters, but Skynyrd's great-great-great-grandfather was celebrated Canadian thoroughbred Northern Dancer. And his blood lines include Man O' War, if you go back far enough!)
Racing record: Out of 16 starts, Skynyrd had 3 first, 2 second and 4 third-place finishes.
Current location: London Ontario Canada
Veterinarian: Dr. Tara Foy, Western Ontario Equine Service
Contact: Call or text Bruce Lamb at 416-823-6095 or email BruceLamb62ATgmailDOTcom

We bought Skynyrd off the track in June of 2021 after he sustained a bowed tendon during a training run. After lots and lots of walking as he recuperated (although he was never lame from that injury) and after 9 months, we started into trot work, and eventually canter work and jumping. Today, you have to look closely to see any evidence of a bow.

Since Skynyrd stopped racing, he has achieved a lot in preparation for his next career! Here are some of the highlights:
  • He has been started with some introductory dressage.
  • Skynyrd has been jumping up to 0.9 m. (3'-0"). The only reason we haven't jumped him higher is because he is still a young horse.
  • Lots of hacks, including hacking at night through the woods, walking over wooden bridges, walking and trotting through streams, walking and trotting along the side of a paved road with traffic going by in both directions.
  • Cavalry rides, including close manoeuvres with other horses (riders knee-to-knee), carrying a sword and stabbing a box on the ground, and carrying a lance-with-flag.
  • Parades: Several day-time and night time parades, which always include lots of commotion from bands, transport trucks, fire engines, etc.
  • Show jumping, including jumps over walls, oxers, a Liverpool, 1- and 2-stride combinations.
  • Cross country jumping, including a large log, over a gym mat, over a skinny XC brush jump, over a canoe, and up and down a bank jump.
  • Jumping over a 2'- and 3'-wide ditch.
  • Jumping while approaching water followed by cantering through the water.
Skynyrd is definitely a 'type-A' bossy horse around other horses. He will kick out, although we've never seen him connect, and he'll bite other horses. He expects to be at the top of the pecking order, as it were. Around people, though, he is a gentleman.

If not worked regularly, he has a bit of a buck in him, although he's never actually thrown any rider because of that buck.

For a type-A horse, he is a bit of a scaredy-cat around things that are out-of-place, sabre-toothed butterflies, ghosts, etc.

One big thing he has going for him is his speed. You won't have trouble hitting Prelim level paces on this horse. We've never actually run him full-out around the property.

He stands for the farrier, and loads and unloads from the horse trailer easily.

He loves scotch mints and/or an apple and/or carrots after a ride.

Call 416.823.6095 or email BruceLamb62{AT} have any questions or if you'd like to arrange a test drive!


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