Bruce Lamb's Eventing Blog - October 2011

October 9, 2011: Today was the last Event of the season at Woodwind Farm. There weren't a ton of competitors, which was nice -- just 7 in the Pre-Training Open division, and, interestingly, more males than females.

Dressage went fairly well. Tracy had worked with Gamble all week and he was definitely more supple and accepting of the bit than before -- but still a long way to go. We ended up with 59% (61.5 penalty points) -- but the highest mark in the class was 63.5%, so we were still competitive. Dressage Test. Here is the video of my test:

But what was interesting about this event is that Gamble and I were the only ones to go "double clear" (no time faults, no jumping faults) in both Stadium and Cross Country! Here is a HelmetCAM video of my Cross Country run:

So we moved into first place by the end of it all! Gamble's first win -- but definitely not his last!

October 2, 2011: Today we did the event at Grandview. I thought my dressage test was better than last weekend, although the score didn't reflect it -- 56.5%. I think there was an error in the scribing, though -- I was given a "4" (which basically means that I totally screwed up the movement) but in looking at the video, the movement was fine and the commend was "needs to be more up". Anyhow, it wouldn't have mattered in the final result even if I got an 8 -- there were 26 people in the division, and an improvement of a couple of marks still wouldn't have put me into the top 10. Dressage Test

The good news, though, is that there were no jumping issues whatsoever -- so I now have my first (of two) CAN Qualifying Results that I need to move up to Training level next year.

Here is my Cross Country run, as taken from my Contour GPS HelmetCAM.

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