Where Bruce Stands

Bruce absolutely supports the Conservative Party policy that the government should enact balanced budget legislation, which includes overrides for declared national emergencies or other defined, and presumably rare, circumstances. He believes that deficits are simply future taxes that will be paid by our kids and grandkids.

Bruce understands that the agriculture industry is a key strategic economic sector of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex and, indeed, Canada.

Unlike the Liberal government, which threw our agriculture industry under the combine during the recent NAFTA renegotiation, the Conservative Party believes that the agriculture and agri-food industries must be a priority for the federal government. The future sustainability of rural Canada comes through flexible, innovative policy, based on principles of realistic economic profitability.

Bev Shipley has been a strong advocate of the agriculture industry, whether it be standing up for farmers during trade negotiations, or working across the aisle with the Liberal government to solve problems for local farmers caused by changes to regulations (pesticides, etc.). Bruce will carry on the great work that Bev has done.

Bruce is adamant that there should be no federally imposed carbon taxes or cap and trade systems on either the provinces or on the citizens of Canada. Justin Trudeau's carbon tax will do nothing to help the environment and will only serve to make hard-working Canadian families poorer.

One of the most basic purposes of the federal government is to ensure the security of our nation’s borders. Bruce believes we need to stop all illegal entries in Canada. To ensure the safety and the respect of our borders, we must take the required steps to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S. to close the gaps relating to illegal entries in Canada.

Bruce strongly supports Canada's international trade initiatives, which will generate increased economic activity, jobs, and a greater understanding and collaborative relationship between emerging economies and our democratic, streamlined regulatory, free enterprise approach to governance. We must continue to seek out bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that will improve market access for Canadian agricultural products and reduce foreign subsidies that distort trade and production.

Bruce worked in pipeline operations in southern Saskatchewan during the summers when he was attending university back in the 1980s, so he knows first-hand about what it takes to get oil from the well to the refinery. Pipelines provide safe, effective and efficient transportation of natural gas, oil and diluted bitumen, and we must work to insure that Canada has an efficient pipeline network.

While TransCanada has abandoned its "Energy East" pipeline initiative, Bruce supports the Conservate Party position that we must find a way to extend Canada’s pipeline network to Atlantic Canada as a means of creating Canadian jobs and reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

Four million Canadians are now over the age of 65, a number that is growing rapidly as Canadians are living longer. Bruce believes that those over the age of 65 should only pay Employment Insurance premiums if they qualify to receive Employment Insurance benefits. Policies must be developed in order to enable a greater number of Canadian seniors in need of care to remain in their own homes, rather than in more expensive institutional accommodations where their independence suffers and costs are higher to the taxpayer. He supports tax incentives for non-professional caregivers to look after the elderly or disabled in the home.

Justin Trudeau has not only been a failure as Canada's leader, but he has been downright embarrassing. From Trudeau's decision to pay convicted terrorist Omar Khadr over $10 million and his refusal to move convicted child-killer Terri-lynne McClintic from an aboriginal healing lodge, to his failed "dress up" trip to India and his government's bungling of international relationships with China and the U.S., there is no question that Canada can do better. Bruce is 100% behind our leader, Andrew Scheer, who is intelligent, thoughtful, respectful and comes from humble roots. Andrew Scheer will make an excellent Prime Minister!

Bruce has an uncle he never met buried in Italy near Monte Cassino, so his family understands the sacrifices that can be made by those in our armed forces. The Conservative party recognizes the importance of supporting veterans and their families in the difficult challenge of reintegrating into life after challenging periods of service. Accordingly, we are committed to making Canada an international leader in the diagnosis, treatment and research of any mental or physical stress caused by military service.

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