Bruce has knocked on hundreds of doors in the past months of campaigning. Support is growing and some people would like you to know it. Below are community members and business leaders who are supporting Bruce in this nomination contest:


  • Scott Player
    (Campaign Chair for Bev Shipley 2015)
  • Barbara Robins
    (Campaign Chair for Bev Shipley, 2011, 2008 co-Chair),
  • Peter Twynstra
    (Campaign Chair for Bev Shipley, 2008 co-Chair, 2006),
  • Dean Allison (MP, Niagara West)
  • Vel and Sid Fraleigh
    (MP, Lambton-Middlesex 1979-80, 1984-88)
  • Aina DeViet
    (Mayor of Middlesex Centre)
  • Cathy Burghardt-Jesson
    (Mayor of Lucan-Biddulph)
  • Brian Ropp
    (Mayor of North Middlesex)
  • Alison Warwick
    (Mayor of Thames Centre)
  • Marigay Wilkins (Deputy Mayor of Southwest Middlesex, Past Warden Middlesex County)
  • Don Shipway (Past Warden Middlesex County, Retired Mayor of North Middlesex)
  • Fred Lewis
    (Past Warden, Middlesex County)
  • Bill Galbraith
    (Past Warden, Middlesex County)
  • Anne and Don McGugan
    (Retired Mayor of Brooke-Alvinston)
  • Dave Manders
    (Lucan-Biddulph Councillor)
  • Peter Mastorakos (Lucan-Biddulph Councillor)
  • Bill Bilton
    (Dawn-Euphemia Councillor)
  • Marg and Larry Hotson
    (Former Reeve of Lucan, Past President Lucan District Lions Club)

    Community Leaders

  • Murray Faulkner
    (Former Chief of London Police Services)
  • Mike Tuxford
    (Past District Governor, Lions A-1)
  • Craig Irwin
    (President, Lucan District Lions Club)
  • Sharleen and Glenn Phillips
    (Past President Ilderton Lions)
  • Peter Vanderley
    (Former LKM Riding Director)
  • Ken Curtis
    (Past President, Lucan District Lions Club)
  • Rob Simpson
    (Wallaceburg Veterans, First Responders and Families Support Group)


  • David Patchell-Evans
    (Founder Goodlife Fitness)
  • Bill Gray
    (President, Gray Ridge Egg Farms)
  • John and Sylvia Graham
    (Owners, Oxbow Glen Golf Course)
  • Jack Parry
    (Owner, Ontario Duct Cleaning)
  • Jean Glover
    (Business owner and long-time Conservative worker)
  • Craig and Moira Connell
    (Wicketthorn Farms Inc.)
  • Brian Lewis
    (Lewis Farms)
  • Scott Hill
    (Founder/CEO of Hockey Night in Canada's Play On!)
  • Rick Lambert
    (Founder/CEO of in2communications Inc.)
  • Bob and Linda Watson
    (Keller Williams Lifestyles Realty)
  • Paul Mahon
    (Publisher/Editor in Chief of Ontario Farmer)
  • Wayne Ryan
    (CEO, Allied Associates LLP, Chartered Accountants)
  • John Orchard
    (Owner, Orchard Electric)
  • Kim Crawford
    (Owner, Highland Green Stable)
  • Ted and Kim Melchers
    (Melchers Construction)
  • Tammy Vanneste, Spencer & Rebecca Vanneste
    (Owners, Wine Kitz)
  • Wayne, Cheryl and Ryan Carroll
    (Owners, Carnabow Farm)
  • Dr. Tara Foy
    (Western Ontario Equine Services)


  • Jeff Breyer, Dresden
  • Larrie and Donna Zavitz, Strathroy
  • Lloyd and Julia McNaughton, Ilderton
  • Brian and Donna Gunness, Parkhill
  • Bill Namink, Wallaceburg
  • Dave and Linda Barr, Lucan
  • Rick and Eva Lizotte, Wallaceburg
  • Arlen Curtis, Ailsa Craig
  • Dave Clark, Lucan
  • Mark McGill, Glencoe

Would you like show your support for Bruce by adding your name onto this list? Please click on the [Contact Bruce] button below and let him know. Thank you so much for your support!

Of course the support that matters the most is on election day. If you agree that Bruce is the best choice to run in the next federal election, be sure to attend the nomination meeting and cast your vote!

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